Our face-to-face courses are delivered in both the:


Our Virtual Classroom has been created and designed to mimic the Traditional Classroom with the following criteria: objectives

  • To follow the same methodology and maintain the same flexibility necessary to guide our students in this educational process
  • To make the same teaching aids available
  • To replace traditional classroom paper-based material in the virtual classroom with material in e-book or pdf format. Major publishing houses have LMS platforms which allow access to their traditional paper-based course books in an online library.
  • To provide lessons in a suitable environment with a user-friendly platform, minimal technical requirements, and compatible with most companies’ internet security limitations.

Our Virtual Classroom offers individual course and group courses for up to five participants.  There are many advantages.

  • Both teachers and students avoid travelling. While maintaining the same effectiveness, Virtual lessons allow a considerable savings in both time and money, not to mention the positive environmental impact.
  • Location barriers of participants are broken down in companies with multiple locations. Participants with the same level can now be placed in the same group regardless of location. This also reduces costs to the client.  We are able to create a uniform intervention for the whole company; therefore, we can apply the same criteria in all offices, across all continents. Our VIRTUAL ACADEMY operates 24 hours a day, six days a week.
  • Student can participate in lessons even if away on business.
  • Recorded lessons means no lessons are lost. Any class participant can review lessons even when they were absent and not fall behind.

Lessons are accessible from a PC or tablet using downloadable apps.

The technology used is accessible from all operating systems and allows us to manage a wide variety of formats to share video and audio.

Our platform allows you to freely choose and adopt any kind of learning materials, giving the teacher full ability to guide the training process according to the needs of the learner.

The platform is integrated with a recording system. This tool is very useful for unavoidable absences and for reinforcing aspects of the lesson not fully absorbed during the lesson.


The Courses cover all levels in the CEFR from A1 to C1. The content is SCORM compliant. The courses are built on a modular basis. Each module is designed for 10 to 12 weeks of study with the participant dedicating 3 hours per week to online study.

The course is 100% online – with asynchronous tutoring – 3 hours study per week

Each module is comprised of 4 themes. Within each theme, there is a grammar focus, language input, vocabulary, audio and video activities. One written output activity is included in each theme.

Included in the platform is a discussion forum where participants are encouraged to debate subjects and there is a video-recording facility allowing participants to post their spoken contributions as part of certain didactic activities within the course. Participants post and share these video posts within the platform with their class companions.

Each module has a syllabus, or course program, with clearly defined learner outcomes. Participants would normally complete 3 modules in an academic year, although a more intensive study program can be designed to meet specific requirements.

The content on the platform has been designed and written by our Content Development Team. These courses focus on English for the Workplace.

Full details of the course options can be provided upon request and a demo would be recommended. The demo takes place in the video conferencing facility.