RTS has attained a high level of knowledge and expertise through working with a variety of corporate clients, large and small, local and multinational. This not only benefits you, the client, but also enables us to satisfy the most diverse needs. So whether you need to steadily improve your general or business language skills, or you would prefer short workshop sessions that focus on highly-specialized areas, rest assured that we will find the best solution for you. We not only create tailor-made programs, but recommend the best way to deliver these in terms of time frames, format and platforms, for example, Face-to-Face via either Traditional lessons or Virtual Academy, or self study online e-learning.

Our highly-qualified team has the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective solutions to all your language needs. This expertise is fundamental to the success of our courses and has led to a high degree of client loyalty. We only recruit native speakers with a university degree. They are all qualified to teach their respective mother tongues as a foreign language and have a minimum of 2 years' teaching experience following their training course. Our Trainers come from many different professional backgrounds, enabling us to match our Trainers with your company's business. For example, a number of our Trainers have specialist knowledge in:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • IT

Classroom-based lessons? E-learning? Blended learning? Workshops? What's the best solution for YOU?

The scale and reach of our operations has enabled us to offer a high level of flexibility and innovation in meeting our clients' individual needs. We never undertake a language training project until a thorough appraisal has been carried out and discussed with the client. Some of the issues that contribute towards determining the format of the programs are the degree of potential absenteeism, availability of classrooms, whether the trainees work from home or are frequent travellers, specific linguistic needs and the starting level of the trainees.

Whatever solution or combination of solutions you opt for, we guarantee that the trainees will follow a highly-integrated program with clear objectives and a clear didactic thread.

The process

Key features of the RTS approach are:

  • accurate ability testing
  • precise analysis of individual trainee objectives
  • carefully constructed training plans
  • regular assessment to monitor progress
  • regular client feedback
  • modification and fine-tuning of the program as necessary
  • reports to the client

Devising a tailor-made, cost effective training program entails a multi-stage process. The implementation process consists of 4 main steps:

  • Common European Framework Level System
    RTS and the client company establish the target level for each and every trainee according to their job function.
  • Language Assessment
    Trainees are tested to establish linguistic proficiency.
  • Needs Analysis
    Needs are analysed to establish the linguistic context of the program.
  • Training Plan
    Target levels, program content and time required to close the linguistic gap are formalised.


RTS has designed and delivered a wide range of highly-specialised programs to meet the most demanding and challenging of needs of our clients. Our courses are completely tailor-made and sometimes even rely on the client providing us with the "raw materials" for us to develop courseware for them.

Here are some of the specialist areas we have covered:

  • English for IT
  • English for Law
  • Financial English
  • English for property management
  • Medical English
  • English for insurance brokers
  • English for shipping
  • English for SAP
  • Technical writing
  • English for Convenience Retailing


Over the years RTS has created workshops to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Some of these have been linguistically focused, whereas others have gone beyond the purely linguistic aspect of communication, and have also covered areas such as cross-cultural communication.

Below are just some of the workshop formats our clients regularly ask for and that we tailor for them.

Achieve better results when delivering a presentation or taking part in meetings!

Some of the key areas of focus are:

  • The typical language of presentations.
  • Handling questions confidently and skilfully.
  • Intonation and word/sentence stress to gain maximum attention.
  • Extra-linguistic devices to gain maximum attention.
  • Exploiting PowerPoint and other technical resources for maximum effect.
  • Improving your presentation writing skills by developing PowerPoint presentations with your Trainer.

At the end of the workshop the participants should have the confidence to deliver memorable and attention-grabbing presentations that will achieve results.

Cross-Cultural Communication
Maximize your intercultural communications!

To achieve success in the global marketplace managers need the right tools in order to function effectively. They need to take on board the many cultural attitudes and beliefs to really become part of the international community and be more "interculturally professional". These workshops will help you to increase your sensitivity to different cultures, habits and mind sets with special respect to the business context. We will customize each training program to suit the specific conditions and requirements of your organization.

Develop the language and communications skills needed to negotiate more effectively! These workshops aim to improve your ability to communicate and negotiate in a variety of different business situations. The workshop consists of various forms of input followed by hands-on negotiation exercises. The interactive nature of the workshop will give the participants the confidence to develop new techniques in order to help them in their everyday working life and to forge long-lasting relationships with clients.

RTS has helped many clients to make that crucial qualitative leap from good 'translated' language to authentic, spontaneous and flexible interaction that denotes real mastery of the language.

Whatever your specific needs, you provide us with the input, and we take care of the rest.

Our partnership with funding agencies nationwide has led to many of our clients enjoying the benefits of our services at zero cost. Funding sources such as For.te and Fondoimpresa involve no upfront expenses to candidate clients. Furthermore, our partner agencies take on all the administrative burdens involved in implementing and running such programmes. Our Client Service Manager will be happy to explain how your company may benefit from these schemes.